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About Our Company

Members of the American Watch and Clockmakers Institute and the local chapter of the Watch and Clockmakers Association.

Repair and Services

State of the Art

Our shop uses the most modern equipment available. Our clockmaker (Rick) regularly attends continuing education courses, and we take great pride in our trade.


Clock Service

We specialize in the service and repair of mechanical clocks. We will come to you if you should be within 50 miles of our location. Otherwise, your movement can be shipped to us and we would be happy to repair and send it back. 


We Buy, Sell and Repair Mechanical Clocks. We are a team that work together to get the job done. Should you be interested in purchasing or selling a clock, or if you need a repair on one of your heirlooms, contact us.

We are a team who work together in an environment we love. We enjoy what we do, therefore it makes this job not a job. 

Rick specializes in repairing the movements, clockmaking and buying the clocks, while Janette enjoys selling the clocks and takes care of the cosmetic part of the clock.